WCAIR update #1: a tremendous start!

Last week, the first week of the World City AI Ranking (WCAIR) had begun. We have received thousands of new submissions, all of which most encouraging! You can see all results on the WCAIR City Ranking List. Most notable was Singapore’s submission of an automated drone swarm for detecting and cleaning up pollution in the various lakes that provide water supply. London made quite a jump in the ranking due to its AI-driven assistants for customs compliance forms, that has greatly reduced the daily Brexit-related food import backlogs.

Diamnidado added several AI initiatives, including an AI compliance officer tool that helps its compliance officer review ethics aspects of the many AI proposals the city has received. Further we congratulate Bangalore for being so daring as to deploy an initiative to weed out discrimination against its Dalit ethnicity. This is the first time we have seen an AI initiative that addresses bias heads-on.

A special mention goes out to the small Dutch city of Juinen, our “black swan” in this year’s competition. After a few quiet months, we have seen a tremendous influx of new submissions that meet all criteria. On a related note, UNOGAI has started hiring more reviewers with Dutch-language experience.

We wish all cities the best of luck in improving their infrastructure and AI initiatives in the coming nine weeks!