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Artificial Intelligence helps the continent of Africa take great strides

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most advanced technologies today. The majority of AI building industries are in North America, Europe, and Asia. African countries are pushing towards AI technology in a bid to improve the diversity of technology to solve many complex challenges and even to promote education. Tech giants such as Google have come up with solutions to enhance the variety of AI in African countries. For example, Google has built AI laboratories in African countries, including Ghana, to improve healthcare, agriculture, and education.

The primary goal of utilizing AI in healthcare is to analyze the relationships between prevention, treatment, and patient outcomes. AI programs are being built in Africa to be applied to practices such as; diagnosis, treatment, drug development, and patient monitoring systems. Farmers in African countries are also being advised to utilize AI technology. For example, hundreds of millions of Africans suffer from the adverse effects of climate change. The farmers are advised to use developed AI software. For example, the AI tool that is available for free as a smartphone app; the app can predict near-term crop productivity for African farmers and help them to protect their staple crops in the face of climate change.

AI has a vast potential in increasing the efficiency of education; it has been evident in European countries and Asian countries. African countries have lagged behind this advancement. Up to now, improved the standard of education has been one of Africa’s goals. AI and digital transformation could be the solution Africans have been searching for. For instance, the Dutch city AI game, as an entertainment and educational tool, could be a way to improve the education of African countries.

Most countries across Africa have begun making significant strides by utilizing AI to elevate the general levels of education. Africans have started using AI to deaden many of the challenges that are experienced in the education sector. African countries that have incorporated AI in their education systems have shared the tremendous value of AI that they have experienced. For example, AI was able to streamline functions of higher learning, such as complex research. AI in statistical analysis has helped students in analyzing incredible volumes of data and makes recommendations according to their hypothesis.

In Africa, AI can help with some of the region’s most prevalent problems. Including reduction of poverty, improving education, proper healthcare, and disease eradication and addressing challenges of sustainability. AI is set to fuel growth in key sectors of the economy. Some examples of civil society organizations that are doing wonders in driving Africa’s advancement in AI technology include; Data Science Africa, Think Tank Initiative, The Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa, and The African Capacity Building Foundation. The international community supports Africa’s drive towards AI by analyzing policies, dialogue, and multilateral commitments.

AI has begun opening new partitions for economic transformation in African countries. By ensuring AI is used ethically, it will help promote equality and fairness hence benefitting and creating the most value to the society. Stakeholders thus need to have open conversations about the ethical dimensions of AI technology and take appropriate action.