WCAIR Competition

The WCAIR is the primary means by which the UNOGAI measures, quantifies and incentivizes global AI development in the urban context. This program takes the form of a series of annual intercity competitions, held over a three-month period, between twenty competitor localities. Read the press release or the below bylaws.


Fifteen cities and five towns (municipalities with a total population of less than 100,000 people) are selected to compete based on statistical analysis of their degree of information infrastructure, governmental stability, etc. All competing localities are selected from different nations, and selected localities may choose to opt out of the competition at any time.

Judging and Analysis

Over the course of the competition period, WCAIR Competition Judges are assigned to each of the competitors. Judges perform interviews and investigate the state of local AI technology implementation using the Wyman-Olivaw Vectors for AI Success;

  1. (E) Ease of Business: Does the locality possess a governing structure and public industries which lend themselves well to the implementation of practical AI technologies?
  2. (Q) Quality of Life: To what degree do the AI technologies implemented by the locality contribute to the quality of life and productivity of the locality’s inhabitants?
  3. (I) Infrastructure: Does the locality possess sufficient information infrastructure to support the use of AI? Is this infrastructure adequately maintained? Are there plans in place to allow for expansion or upgrades as needed?
  4. (Rc) Regulatory Climate: Are the locality’s regulatory bodies trending in a pro-AI direction? Are they actively working towards bettering their ability to implement AI policies?


Each of the above factors is assigned a daily numerical point score between 1 (poor) and 10 (excellent). Scores are accumulated towards a daily point total based on the following weighted scheme:

0.8E + 0.6Q + 0.3I + 0.9Rc = Point Total

Thus, a competitor locality may receive a daily point total between 2.6 and 26. Rankings are adjusted every 24 hours based on points accumulated to date.

Final Selection

At the end of the judgement period, the three localities with the highest scores are selected for a single-day WCAIR Challenge hosted in Brussels. As part of this event, the three competitors present project proposals for future AI development within their localities. WCAIR funding and infrastructure awards are then presented based on the strength of the proposals as determined by the collective vote of the WCAIR.

Photo: Smart City / Tumusu, Pixabay