San Francisco, USA: The Core of AI

San Francisco is on the top of world in Artificial Intelligence. The Silicon Valley region of San Francisco serves as a global market of Technology and Innovation. Almost 2,000 organizations are working on the Artificial Intelligence. Average number of Organizations was founded in 2015. The total funds made by these organizations are $30.4 billion. Some types are Venture Capital, Incubator, AI Accelerator, Investment Bank and Micro VC. There are 92 startups in the San Francisco which are generating revenue of $4.3 billion.

AI advances in the San Francisco medicine. Wicklow AI Medical Research Initiative developed an AI software which can automatically pinpoint the fatal brain swelling in ER patients. Discovery of Radiation Dosing through Optimize Machine Learning for the protection of vital organs of Cancer patients. Advancement is still ongoing  in AI. But in the coming time Beijing and New York will be competing San Francisco in a Artificial Intelligence.

Photo: ninjason from Pixabay