Sydney, Australia: an educational hub

Sydney is not known as a big AI Hub but it is making progress at a magnificent speed. Sydney has  World Class Educational Institutes. Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute (AAII) is a World leading Research Institute in Sydney. University of Sydney is a Australian Centre for Robotics field. And many other Educational Institutes have started AI related programs and courses.

The primary focus of Sydney is to use AI in Smart Parking, Waste Management, Public Safety, Traffic Control, Streamlining Water and Power. Using fast flowing air currents for aircrafts which can save up-to $40 million from fuel bill anually. 12% of Australian companies are experimenting and one in three are investigating Artificial Intelligence. companies are investing Million Dollars in Artificial Intelligence research.

There are 145 startups in Sydney. Xinja, Harrison, Hyper Anna and Daisee. In the near future, Sydney will act as an AI Hub globally as it is making progress in this field.

Photo: Patty Jansen from Pixabay