Stockholm, Sweden: Top spot for AI, Euro-style

Stockholm is becoming a Top Spot of Artificial Intelligence among the small cities. The Swedish capital is developing by organizations helping each other. Sharing Knowledge is a key to the Stockholm progress in artificial intelligence. The annual growth rate of its GDP is 2.2 % which can be boosted by fully embracing Artificial Intelligence in different aspects of society. There were 187 projects ongoing related to AI till 2019. The total funding for the development in AI was $2.4 billion.

There are 97 startups in Stockholm. They are researching Federated Learning(a new way of Machine Learning).Many organizations have joined hands to accelerate the development in Drugs, Data Handling and Automated Operations. 29% of jobs are at risk due to  AI but a large number of people are Immigrating here with highly skilled AI talents for few years. Dozens of companies is improving their services by using artificial intelligence. In future Stockholm can become leader of European AI Industry and Technology Development.

Photo: David Mark from Pixabay