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Founded in 2017, the United Nations Office for Global Artificial Intelligence (UNOGAI) exists to encourage the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (Al) technology and its derivatives for the good of Humanity. The UNOGAI runs the World City Al Ranking (WCAIR) to drive healthy competition between member states.

Article 1

The Purposes of the UNOGAI are as follows:

  1. To establish regulations governing the safe usage of Al technologies in all nations.
  2. To establish global standards for ethical and humanity-focused Al practices worldwide.
  3. To develop friendly relations between all nations working towards practical Al technologies.
  4. To encourage the sharing of information and data related to Al development and implementation.
  5. To incentivize fair competition between members in the pursuit of breakthroughs in Al development.
  6. To coordinate international response to the unethical or dangerous implementation of Al practices.
  7. To administer and judge the WCAIR, and to present rewards to competing cities and nations.

Article 2

The Office and its Members, in pursuit of the Purposes stated in Article 1, shall act in accordance with the following Principles:

  1. The Office respects the sovereign equality of all its Members. All Members shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed by them as Members of the Office.
  2. All Members shall act in accordance with the principles of justice and international law.
  3. All Members shall exchange information freely and fairly, and seek to better their scientific practices without detriment or harm to other Members or their citizens.
  4. All Members shall use financial and informational resources provided to them by the Office to further their Al work in an ethical fashion, and will apply those resources fairly and equitably.
  5. Members who seek to dispute a recommendation or WCAIR award issued by the Office will do so publicly and without endangering the stability and good conduct of the organization.
  6. Members seeking assistance from this Office shall do so via public channels, and refrain from seeking funding and incentives for private companies, corporations and businesses.