Seoul, Korea: A Future Vehicle Industry

Seoul is on its way to become a AI leader by following China’s method. Seoul is aggressively investing in artificial intelligence. Korea announced an AI strategy to be in top 4 competitors by 2022 with an investment of over $2 billion in research and training of Artificial Intelligence. Korea is home to Big Giants like Samsung, Hyundai and LG which are showing interest to invest in AI research. Seoul’s focus is to open new Institutes to build capabilities and skills through Education System.

Seoul is advancing in Robotics as restaurants in Seoul are using robot as waiters. Startups are making their way towards  AI by using Machine Learning. There are 260 AI startups. Government announces to invest $20 billion of their budget for development in AI and Technology sectors. Korea government and Hyundai motor group announces to invest over $50 Billion in Self-driving car industry by 2025. Government feels like AI technologies can bring as Hundreds of Billion Dollars in the future.

Photo: namu0309 from Pixabay