Singapore: AI at its core

In 2018, Singapore’s government declared artificial intelligence one of the four core technology vital for the country’s development towards “digital ready”. In 2016, a huge investment of $1.98 billion was made in the industry for development. According to Accenture, AI  could make $215 billion across 11 industries of Singapore which will double the annual economic growth of the country.

In 2017, Singapore’s government established a national program to harness AI throughout the country. In 2019, government launched a national strategy to include AI in five different projects like transport and Logistics, Smart City, security, education and safety and healthcare.

In 2019, the Genome Institute of Singapore(GIS) developed AI to a machine learning computer to locate the cause of gastric cancer. Singapore is developing at an amazing rate after adopting  AI in numerous aspects of society. According to report, there was a demand for 28,500 ICT Professionals in the industry.

Photo: Kenny Teo, Flickr