Diamniado, Senegal: City of the Future

Diamniado appears an underdeveloped city in the Senegal. But after the arrival of AI in Senegal, Diamniado is going to be at smart city in 2035. The Government of Senegal announces to invest up to $2 billion in transformation of Diamniado into the Smart City.

The first experimental phase is started of the Smart City. Diamniado will be based on data storage which will be used to Control Transport, Air quality, Domestic waste and Wastewater treatment. Smart Parking, Paperless Tickets and E-Health services will be given in the Smart City.

In Africa Urbanization is taking place at a great rate so AI will be used in managing of Urbanization by making social and environmental policies for development of the city. The UN predicts that  population here will be double and 60% of population will live in urban areas in 2050. In far future Diamniado can be a tech hub City.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons