Bangalore, India: the Silicon Valley of India

India recently joined the AI revolution, and is already making progress at astonishing rate. AI Besant Technologies is No.1 in Bangalore  which is advancing in Artificial Intelligence. Many other institutes are also established which are aspiring minds in Artificial Intelligence.

Bangalore has become the destination of innovation and development for the India. There are 669 startups in Bangalore which produces more than 40000 Tech jobs in 2018 alone. In 2017, revenue of $539 million  was made which grows to $739 million this year and is still growing at an amazing rate. AI startups is in India raised approx. $529.5 million  in funding round.

Bangalore has great advantages as there is a huge engineering workforce. But  a disadvantage is that most of people are poor daily wagers and AI is a threat to their jobs. But with cautious policies they can overcome and become a Global Innovation Hub in the future.

Photo: Peter Richmond, Flickr