Paris, France: a beautiful riser in AI

Paris spent 30 years of underperformance in innovation but now it’s going through an unprecedented transformation in technology at an amazing rate. This technological transformation is also acknowledged by like of Google and Facebook. Now they are opening their Research Centre of AI in Paris. The local government is supporting AI in many ways like inviting investors and entrepreneur and giving them more facilities to  invest in startups here. Paris is boosting educational programs in different institutes of AI.

In 2018, the government announced and spends $1.75 billion for AI and Research purposes in next 4 years. But recently French president announced plans for $5.5 billion investment in future. Paris focused Artificial Intelligence on Health, Transportation, Environment and Security. There are more than 397  startups in Paris now. Some are Sinips, Shift Technology and Dataiku. In 2019, French startups raised $634 million. And Paris is growing to become a AI hub in near future.

Photo: Pexels from Pixabay