Nairobi, Kenya: An African Tech Hub

Artificial intelligence is changing people’s life around the globe and Nairobi is not left behind. Artificial Intelligence is recently become famous and inspiring hope among people. AI is being used in different sectors including Transportation, Logistics, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing and Finance. AI is established and growing in the Country. Government and other AI Companies is embracing Artificial Intelligence for the Development.

In the beginning of 2018, Government setup a task force to develop strategies to encourage AI in Nairobi. There are 26 startups in Nairobi. Some are Apollo Agriculture, Talk Lift, Alternative Circle and Connect Med. Government is funding Millions of Dollars to develop more Institute and research centers for the development of Artificial Intelligence.

Big Giants are also investing here because Kenya has earned a reputation as Technology Havens for their major tech startups and funding in AI. With Government and Technology’s support the future of AI is promising in Nairobi.

Photo: Nina Stock from Pixabay